Monday, November 2, 2009

Week of Pictures

1. Pretty Sky 2. 11/1/09 & 5pm 3. Rexburg 4. f5.6 & 1/60 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

1. Little skunk 2. 10/31/09 3. Rexburg 4. 6.3 & 1/200 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

1. Pretty Ditch 2. 10/30/09 3. Rexburg 4. f 13 & 1/13 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

1. A night in Rexburg 2. 10/29/08 & 11pm 3. 2nd East in Rexburg 4. f16 & 10.0 5. Canon 30D

1. Old Car 2. 10/28/09 & 2 pm 3. by Frontier Pies 4. f13 & 1/60 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

1. Spider Cupcake 2. 10/27/09 & 11am 3. East Stake Center 4. f5.6 & 1/60 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

1. Livee with a mustache. 2. 10/26/09 & 8pm 3. Bathroom in our house 4. f13 & 1/60 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

These were really fun to take. A lot of them are random but it was good to go out everyday and take some pictures. I love the fall and halloween. The first one I sharpened it and added a blur to it. The second one I sharpened and added a blur as well. The third one I changed the levels and sats. The fourth one I had on a tripod and it was at a 10 second shutter speed. No edits. The fourth one I added some vibrance and levels. The little skunk I took away some of the sats. I thought it was cool to have it be almost black and white. They last one I loved the sky and I just added a little sats and levels.


  1. I think that all of these photos are fine but the photo of the lamp with the sky is outstanding! I think that the colors just make the lamp so lively. You composed this shot very well I feel. Also, nice shallow depth of field for the little skunk shot!

  2. Very jealous of your camera. I think you are taking some very awesome shots. I really like the way you think before you shoot. or at least that is what it looks like. great job.

  3. You are a great photographer. I like what you post every week. Nice variety. I love the sky in the lamp post shot. They all have really great color. You are just good.