Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grunge and Text

George Washington Monument, 9-21-09 at 7:45 pm, Washington D.C., f5 & 1/13, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

Jellyfish, 9-23-09 at 4 pm, Smithsonian Zoo in Washington D. C., f5.6 & 1/15, Canon EOS Rebel T1i

For the jellyfish photo I used CI #14. It was really fun to learn how to do it. I took this at the Smithsonian Zoo. For those of you who are looking to go on an awesome vacation go to Washington D. C. All the Smithsonian museums are free and the zoo is free and it is the prettiest place to take pictures. The George Washington Monument photo I did CI #17.

Still life

Pumpkin Centerpiece, 9-27-09 at 4 pm, my dining room, f4 & 1/60, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

Another View of the Pupmkin Centerpiece, 9-27-09 at 4 pm, my dining room, f4.5 & 1/60, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

For my still frame I made a pumpkin centerpiece. I love fall and love all the colors. I did a Gaussian Blur on both of them.

Landscape at Jenny's Lake

Jenny's Lake Landscape, 7-3-09 at 1 pm, Jenny's Lake in Wyoming, f/11 & 1/125, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

Tree up Close, 7-3-09 at 1:30pm, Jenny's Lake in Wyoming, f10 & 1/160, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

Blurry Branch, 7-3-09 at 1:31 pm, Jenny's Lake in Wyoming, f/10 &1/160, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.

I took these picture last summer and it was a beautiful place. It is a hike and from the very beginging of the hike it is pretty. I had a lot of fun taking pictures up there and if anyone wants to go on a easy hike that is really pretty go here!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Study in Color

1. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 9-20-09 at 6:48 pm, Arlington Memorial, f7.1 & 1/200, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.
2. Graves, 9-20-09 at 6:40 pm, Arlington Memorial, f5.6 &1/640, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.
3. Flower, 9-20-09 at 6:30 pm, Arlington Memorial, f7.1 & 1/200, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.
4. Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, 9-20-09 at 6:46 pm, Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, f7.1 & 1/200, Canon EOS Relbel T1i.
I am on vacation in Washington D.C. and there are so many things that are white here. The first picture is Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This picture is not all white but the writing is. I loved the angle, the post that it is on and the background. The second picture is all of the graves at Arlington Memorial. I liked it because of all the lines that the graves create and the graves are never ending! It is sad but it is a really cool Memorial and very beautiful. The next photo was a white flower. I added a Gaussin blur on the background and I love how it is just very simple and pretty. The last picture is of Arlington Memorial Amphitheatre. This place is amazing. It is all granite and really beautiful. I like the light on the building.

Image Edit of Livee

1.Livee 2. 9-20-09 at 6:45 pm 3. Arlington Memorial Amphitheater 4. f5.7, 1/100 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i
2. Livee Cutout: used the quick selection tool and refined edge and added a slight shadow.

This is my cutout image edit. We are in Washington D. C. and this was taken at Arlington Memorial Amphitheater. It is an amazing place and I had fun taking pictures here. It is where the Unknown Soldier Tomb is. This was a pretty good picture to use the quick selection tool.