Sunday, September 20, 2009

Image Edit of Livee

1.Livee 2. 9-20-09 at 6:45 pm 3. Arlington Memorial Amphitheater 4. f5.7, 1/100 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i
2. Livee Cutout: used the quick selection tool and refined edge and added a slight shadow.

This is my cutout image edit. We are in Washington D. C. and this was taken at Arlington Memorial Amphitheater. It is an amazing place and I had fun taking pictures here. It is where the Unknown Soldier Tomb is. This was a pretty good picture to use the quick selection tool.


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  2. Very cute photo. You cutout seems to be nice and clean. I have no suggestions!

  3. I guess I am supposed to comment on both so here I am again... I really like this picture too. Your daughter is cute. Its an interesting angle for a portrait. Its a really great shot.

  4. Great job on the cutout! It can be hard to make a selection of a person. People with hair seem to be even harder. When you zoom in, it is apparent that you did a stellar job! I can't tell if you did a drop shadow but she seems to come off the page so I don't know if adding a shadow would even help. Either way, well done!