Sunday, September 20, 2009

Study in Color

1. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 9-20-09 at 6:48 pm, Arlington Memorial, f7.1 & 1/200, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.
2. Graves, 9-20-09 at 6:40 pm, Arlington Memorial, f5.6 &1/640, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.
3. Flower, 9-20-09 at 6:30 pm, Arlington Memorial, f7.1 & 1/200, Canon EOS Rebel T1i.
4. Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, 9-20-09 at 6:46 pm, Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, f7.1 & 1/200, Canon EOS Relbel T1i.
I am on vacation in Washington D.C. and there are so many things that are white here. The first picture is Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This picture is not all white but the writing is. I loved the angle, the post that it is on and the background. The second picture is all of the graves at Arlington Memorial. I liked it because of all the lines that the graves create and the graves are never ending! It is sad but it is a really cool Memorial and very beautiful. The next photo was a white flower. I added a Gaussin blur on the background and I love how it is just very simple and pretty. The last picture is of Arlington Memorial Amphitheatre. This place is amazing. It is all granite and really beautiful. I like the light on the building.


  1. I love the pictures. Washington D.C. is so pretty. I am jealous that you are there! I really have nothing to suggest, great job, good angles, nice color.

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  2. I love your pictures! I think you have a good variety. I like that you have different angles, different depth of fields, and some are close up and some are wide. Nice work!

  3. I like all of these shots. I love the leading lines on the second shot and the framing in the first shot. I really like the last shot as well with the blue triangle in the top right corner and the concrete triangle in the bottom left corner.

  4. My favorite is your photo of the sign. I think white is a really hard color to highlight but you have done a great job in all of your images. Great work! I also really like how you caught the light on the Amphitheater. The lines really come at you on the photo of the headstones. You could use levels to make the whites contrast a bit more with the grass. I think it would make them "pop". Overall, your images turned out really well, great job!