Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photolusion Not Edited

1. Daddy and Liv doing a stunt 2. 11/15/09 & 8 pm 3. My kitchen 4. f4.5 & 1/160 5.Canon EOS Rebel T1i
This is my husband and daughter. He is pretending to hold her in his hands. I like how her hands are out and it is like she is balancing. This one was hard for me to come up with fun ideas. But it was cool once I started doing stuff.


  1. I like the balancing act your daughter is doing and the natural lighting and how everything is centered nicely.

  2. That's pretty creative. I wouldn't have thought to put the shot in that context - it seems easier to just make it look like the "bigger" person is holding the smaller one, but it's cool to put it in a cheerleading context. It adds character. Nice work!

  3. This one turned out really good. You can even barely see your daughter's feet and it actually looks like she is standing in his hand. The lighting and everything looks really good. I think it would've been cool if she was a little more to the right so that part of her body wasn't hidden behind his head, but it definitely works the way it is. Nice work!