Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flora and Fauna/ Adjustment Layers and Smart Filters

1. Flower sharp & Emmeline blurred 2. 10-4-09 at 5:30 p.m. 3. My frontyard 4. f5.6 & 1/80 5. Canon EOS Rebel t1i. 6. Macro Mode

1. Jada's turtle Speed 2. 5-23-09 at 3:21 p.m. 3. Nature Park in Rexburg, Id 4. f4.5 & 1/640 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i. 6. Auto Mode

1. Bee 2. 5-24-09 at 2:19 p.m. 3. My backyard in Rexburg, Id 4. f4.5 & 1/200 5. Canon Rebel T1i. 6. Auto Mode

1. Cheetah 2. 9-23-09 at 6 p.m. 3. Washington D.C. Smithsonian Zoo 4. f5.6 & 1/60 5. Canon Rebel T1i. 6. P Mode

1. Pumpkins with spiderweb grunge 2. 10-4-09 at 5 p.m. 3. My parents garden in Rexburg, Idaho 4. f4 & 1/40 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i. 6. P Mode

Pumpkins before spiderweb grunge

1. Cool Tree with Adjustment Layer 2. 9-21-09 at 5 p.m. 3. Washington D.C. 4. f13 1/200 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i. 6. P Mode

Cool Tree Before Adjustment Layer

1. Mushroom with Smart Filter 2. 7-3-09 at 1 p.m. 3. Jenny's Lake in Wyoming 4. f14 & 1/200 5. Canon EOS Rebel T1i. 6. Macro Mode

Before the Smart Filter

The first shot is a flower with my little girl in the background. I didn't do anything to this shot. The turtle photo is at the Nature Park and my niece Jada was letting her turtle go that she had for 4 years. I love all the colors in the turtle. I sharpened this photo, brightened the colors, and blurred the background a little. I think the picture of the bee is neat because of all the leaves. I changed the color on it a bit because it was really bright. The picture of the cheetah was in Washington D.C. I added an adjustment layer and put the saturation up. I took the picture of the pumpkins today and added the spiderweb grunge. I followed all the steps in the book. I love fall! In the picture of the tree I added an adjustment layer and I like how the sky turned out. The tree was dark in the original picture but I think it turned out good. The last picture of the mushroom I added a smart filter, film grain. The before mushroom I added an adjustment layer and added saturation.


  1. I love the way your daughters jacket is the same color as the flower. That's a really cool shot. My favorite is probably the wasp. The colors are great, as is the texture. The layering of the leaves has a very insect like feel to it creating a cool composition. I also like your happy halloween image. The spider web effect and the burn border work great on it. Good job on all your shots.

  2. Wow, these pictures are incredible! My favorite is the picture of the bee! it just sticks out and the colors are brilliant. Then I think I love the picture of the tree from DC and the composition or it, plus the effects/changes you made make the sky look beautiful! Great job.
    for the smart filter one, I would try other filters cause honestly I like the original photo more. Great job.

  3. You did amazing this week! I absolutely love the photo of your little girl. Nice angle, depth of field, and color scheme. You did very well in capturing different colors this week. You have some great angles and know how to use your lines really well.

    The smart filter looks neat. Maybe next time mask out a portion of it so there's a little bit of contrast. Great Job!

  4. Nice work! Your pictures look great! I love the first one of your daughter and the flower, it's a beautiful shot and very well composed, even down to the colors. I also really like the turtle shot, the blur really helps make the turtle stand out. I can't believe how in focus your bee shot is, that's incredible. I LOVE your edited tree with the adjustment layer, it looks great. It was a well composed shot to begin with but the sky in the edited one really makes it stand out. I would have to agree with the last two comments regarding your smart filter edit; on first glance I actually thought that the unedited one was the one with the smart filter. It's a really nice original image, I think you could try other filters that would bring out the contrast of the image better.

  5. I really liked how you got a frontal view of the turtle - it looks like the person holding the camera is the one holding the turtle too. And the blurred affect around the edges is a nice touch. I liked the composition on your bee but the foreground looked a bit washed out. The cheetah is an awesome shot but kind of small and hard to see.

    The adjustments you made to the tree were amazing - I really liked it and the colors that you made come out in it. I liked the grainy effect you added to the mushroom, it gave it a foresty kind of feel.